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To see some photos of our work so that you can see what we are capable of or even perhaps to get some inspiration, please browse the Gallery area of our website. If you like what you see, give us a call and we’ll come and see you and your garden and discuss ideas, designs and costs. We serve freshly brewed tea and coffee, soft drinks and a section of light meals and tasty treats and snacks. We are open for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea from 8am to 5pm and unlike any other cafe in the town, we are open 7 days per week.

  • We will have an initial meeting for which there will be no charge.
  • We will then put together a plan including our recommendations.
  • If you are happy with the plan and the fees we will then put the plan.
  • We will regularly review how things are going in line with the review schedule.

From the moment you arrive at the airport, train station or ferry terminal your work is done. Just check in and board and we take care of everything from there. Once you have arrived at your destination there will be transport waiting to take you to your accommodation, we can book activities, entertainment and trips for you and when you are ready to come home we will transport you back again. It really is a worry free way to holiday. We offer a range of training packages in a range of subject areas and can offer blended learning opportunities to best meet your needs. If sitting in a room with a trainer and having the opportunity for discussion with other learners sounds good to you then we can offer this.

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